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We have found Lexstra to be second to none in finding suitable candidates for our IT recruitment needs. Flexible, innovative and professional at all times; the staff and management of Lexstra exceed our expectations on a regular basis in providing a consistently high standard of service in every area of the recruitment process. Their advice is always valuable, their ability to find the right candidate on the slimmest of briefs is uncanny, and we now consider the standard of value- added services that Lexstra provide to be our benchmark for all agencies. Lexstra maintain the sometimes tricky balance between us and our contract resources with ease, and contractors from Lexstra are always happy with their relationship with them, even at difficult moments. Overall we find Lexstra to be an outstanding partner.

A key project we needed to deliver required the assistance of a rare resource – a hybrid Business / Technical Analyst with deep technical and functional knowledge of the investment accounting system we utilise. Individuals with knowledge of this system are few and far between, and are frequently unavailable through being engaged on long term assignments by the buy side firms who utilise the system.

We approached Lexstra with our brief, and were delighted when Lexstra rapidly located a consultant with the desired skills, who was not only available, within budget and technically qualified, but had performed an assignment with another of their clients previously consequently so came with a recommendation.

After the successful appointment we learned from another long-standing business partner that the individual concerned was one of the most highly regarded consultants in his field. We have been very pleased with his work, and this has assisted our ability to deliver on this key project.

Lexstra is helping us immensely. They not only found amazing talent for us to work with, but instinctively know the right personality of candidate that fits into such a progressive and entrepreneurial business likes ours. Their energy and unrelenting pursuit of what they are seeking separates them from many other recruiters. They are extremely understanding of the cost of time wasted – which is essential for me. I will always call them first when I have a hiring need.

We had secured several high value contracts with clients based at disparate international locations. We faced issues over delivery as the expertise required to implement our highly specialised investment accounting software wasn’t available internally due to the number of implementations underway. We utilised Jon Cashman and his team at Lexstra to address this resourcing shortfall. A number of highly specialised consultants, all with long standing relationships with Lexstra, were rapidly located and deployed to various locations across Europe and the Middle East. The quality of the individuals, and the rapidity with which they were located, assisted enormously with a number of highly successful project deliveries. I have been very impressed with Lexstra’s approach, market knowledge and professionalism.

…your firm is an excellent partner and you have been very flexible and supportive…

You’ve given us some very high quality people and are on my short list of resource providers. Thanks for following up. Outstanding service.